Application Modernization

Are you facing any of these key issues?


You are not sure that your IT spend is going towards supporting the strategically important business initiative


You no longer get support for the technology from the vendor or get the right skilled resources from the market to maintain and enhance your applications.


Your systems are rigid and tedious to change in order to align with your dynamic business drivers.


Your systems have become ‘black-boxes’ that only few ‘heroes’ in the organization really know the half of it!


Your applications are too difficult to maintain and sub-optimal in processing.


Your total cost of ownership for maintenance keeps soaring high year after year.


You are concerned that you will lose the benefit of all the legacy knowledge and investment if you develop it all over again.


You have better fitting products off the shelf to support your business better than the legacy


Application you have today, but not sure if that is the right choice.
Applications Modernization Services (AMS) along with the complementary offerings of Portfolio Assessment and Validation, transforms legacy applications from aging environments onto modern application platforms (for example, Windows, Unix, Linux, z/OS) using service-oriented architectures (i.e., .NET and J2EE) that take advantage of today's open standards.

We leverage industry and domain expertise and applications knowledge to efficiently move legacy applications to modern platforms that provide more functionality, flexibility, and better ROI. The result is an architecture that aligns to the client's business, operations and budget needs to support business growth strategy.

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